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Welcome to Patently Historical™

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Patently Historical Blog | Genealogy & History

Hello and welcome to my blog. Before we get started, let me introduce myself.

My name is Deb Blodgett. I am a professional genealogist and historical patent researcher. My interest in genealogy was sparked after completing a pedigree chart for a grade school assignment. I've been hooked ever since! Study of genealogy and history became a life passion. I particularly enjoy the study of artifacts, industries, and family life of rural 19th century New England with a particular emphasis on the examination of mechanical innovations and patents.

What does Patently Historical mean? Well, it is a play on words. Patently, meaning clearly, combined with historical, meaning related to history. So, this blog will clearly be related to history. Also, posts related to historical patents will be included. Another play on words. Expect articles about patents, history, genealogy, artifacts, industries, family life of rural 19th century New England; and, of course – genealogy.

I look forward to sharing my research with you!

Copyright 2021, Debora Ellen Blodgett


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